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ICI expertises in mobile applications for Ecommerce & multichannel integration in sub-fields like Point of Sale(POS) Applications, Inventory Management Solutions and Social Media Analytics. With customer involvement activities like capturing interest, feedback, reviews and offering online buying benefits, we ensure customer retention and can benchmark customer satisfaction against competitors.

Apart from IOS and Android platforms, our team also takes care of server side development, deployment and distribution on app stores, along with continued maintenance and updations.

A glimpse at the range of applications:

  • Paid Apps with In-App purchases functionality and Ad Based Apps
  • Development of Server components
  • Native Apps that exploit device capabilities like Camera, Calendar, Contacts, Location, etc.
  • Apps that integrate with Facebook and Twitter

home automation

According to BI Intelligence, there are 1.9 billion smart home devices today including washers, refrigerators, thermostats, music systems; and is expected to reach 9 billion by 2018. Clearly, the demand for home automation apps is going to rise by the day. As more and more such innovative technologies get into our lives, things get complicated to handle and maintain such complex systems with ease.

We develop apps to control every aspect of a home, office, or other commercial settings such as lights, HVAC equipment, access control systems, sprinklers, and sky is the limit as one might think of the things that can be done simply with the help of a smartphone.

A glimpse at the range of applications:

  • Ordering items from a freezer
  • Feeding the fish
  • Controlling lights and switches
  • Controlling air-conditioning
  • Opening or closing window curtains or blinds

automotive industry

The audience across industries has shifted in huge numbers from traditional computers to smartphones and tablets. Backed by sound technical knowledge and our successful experience in developing and maintaining comprehensive web applications for many automobile dealers for a substantial period, we were best equipped to create responsive, equally able and even more customer friendly mobile apps.

Our apps built for IOS and Android devices, respond to a customer like an experienced marketing executive, guiding the buyer through the app to navigate with great ease, get the expected help and useful information from it.

While HTML5, CSS, Javascript and a number of libraries empower us to build powerful hybrid apps, wrapping in native containers using platforms like PhoneGap, etc., enables us to create unique and innovative user experiences.


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