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Auto Dealer App by ICI

Indus Cars Auto Dealer App, developed uniquely for used car dealers, gives you an extremely effective communication channel that helps you manage and track customer and vehicle data and their exact needs, enabling you to direct deals in your favour.

Key Features

  • Digital evaluation
  • 155+ checkpoints
  • Store in cloud-based app
  • Access data anytime
  • Capturing coloured pictures of the cars
  • Dent map application
Digital record of cars
  • Ready database structure
  • Retrieve data anywhere and anytime by unique identifier number
  • Easy to add/edit digital records
Own website
  • Now, have your own website
  • Managed centrally through app
  • No technical expertise required
Publish to social media
  • Reach more audience
  • Trap leads generated through social media
Lead management system
  • The Car App provides 121 Checkpoints
  • BeSure Certified Pricing for the Used Car
Customer databse system
  • Trap any number of leads on your fingertips
  • Access leads based on reported cars
  • Send notification via InApp or SMS (automated)
Reports generation
  • Evaluations report
  • Leads report
  • Invoice report
  • Sales report
Broker access
  • Brokers can access with separate user type
  • Option of browsing data with special price
Secured database
  • Data is securely stored in cloud server
  • Can be accessed only by authorised users
Free trial for 1 month
  • Experience the benefits of the App with free trial

How it Works

How it Works

Below illustration shows how Indus Cars Auto Dealer App by ICI works and how

used car dealers benefit from it.

  • Capturing details

    Dealer starts evaluation by capturing basic details of the car like model, variant, fuel type, transmission, colour, owner details, seller details, etc, along with coloured pictures.

  • Evaluvation questions

    Dealer then continues with preset evaluation questions along with 155+ checkpoints.

  • Sync evaluvation data

    Once evaluation is done, data is shared on the server.

  • Display evaluvation data

    After syncing, dealer chooses to publish data on the website and on social media.

  • Download / Edit evaluvation data

    Dealer can track the number of people using the app, track the leads, follow up and convert leads to sales.

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