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As has been the case in every other industry, how one interacts with hardware has undergone a series of transformations and upgradations. From push buttons, LCD screens, LED lights to alarms and notifications, the communication protocols being used up till recently were antiquated and lacked the ability to engage the user and work intuitively. Thus to match today's standards, our hardware team has worked up a way of interacting with hardware devices using touchscreen controls and networked applications.

Touchscreen Controls

ICI has developed software with intuitive touchscreen interface, using Android or Windows operating systems, to build automated control systems for the regular hardware in use. Further, customised software to integrate hardware devices with back office administration system can improve efficiently and accuracy, while providing more comprehensive information.

Networked Applications

A real time communications system is a very powerful application, that allows users across various departments of an organisation to access the hardware with their personal touchscreen devices at the same time. The networked application can also be used by the users to send and receive messages.

The ICI Advantage:

At ICI, we call it the Internet of Things. We integrate hardware with software to connect and monitor things that are used regularly. This comes in two different flavours - Home automation and other things that can be monitored and automated for betterment.

Home Automation:

We develop custom software that integrates with devices that are used every day. It can be used to turn on and off a device or schedule a device to turn on and off at a particular time.

We develop software that can monitor and automate irrigation process in agriculture. For instance, the soil's moisture can be measured and updated to turn a sprinkler on or off, depending on the requirement.

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