Business consultancy

Working collaboratively, we develop solutions that not only transform businesses, but also raise the overall standards of excellence and create competitive advantages.

Partners in Transformation

The best way to add value to a business is to become its partner. By shaping the ideas and processes of the client as well as our own, we transform each project to take a lead in the market and meet the challenges of the future.

Why transformation is Vital

To maintain a leading position in an industry, it is important that businesses embrace transformations as a constant renewal process. A significant change in a company's business model, strategy and culture enables a business to achieve a sustainable performance. By adopting new behaviours and processes, businesses can fully capture their potential and turn the odds in their favour.

Qualified for Transformation

With work systems in sync, technology refurbished and competent and experienced professionals dedicated to driving lasting change, ICI is most suitably qualified for an adaptive transformation of a business into a success-oriented venture.

Risk Management

As trusted consultants, we have a responsibility towards our clients, stakeholders, staff and the society at large to maintain high quality and professional standards and to live up to these expectations.

The ICI Advantage

With our customised approach and years of working with and servicing clients across diverse verticals, we have gained valuable experience, developed expertise in understanding our client's business needs and delivered tailored solutions to transform their companies for a definite positive outcome.


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