Google reportedly testing autoplay videos in Search result page

NEW DELHI: Google is planning to make it much easier to search for videos and view them. As reported by Mashable, the search giant is not trying to integrate auto-playing of videos right inside its search results. The feature was first spotted by the SEM Post few days ago and will reportedly be limited to desktop search results only.


The Search Engine Land website later confirmed the new feature as it quoted a Google spokesperson saying that, “We are constantly experimenting with ways to improve the search experience for our users, but have no plans to announce at this time.”

It has been mentioned that video results that show up are placed under the related name and images. In some cases, the autoplay videos are also visible under the Knowledge Panel placed on the right side of the screen.

It is further mentioned that although the video starts playing automatically, its sound is still muted. However, the auto-playing will definitely be taking up bandwidth data. In addition, the report said that the videos that pulled up during tests were not from official sources, which could indirectly mean that Google may use it as an ad revenue unit.

Showing up auto play videos under results is nothing new for Google. The company — almost a week ago — was spotted testing a similar feature inside the Google Play Music app on handsets. The search giant let some users search for songs in the search bar inside the Play Music app and play the song right from the search interface itself. The new feature is said to show up in Google Play Music for Android version 7.9 and 7.10.

It is worth noting that Google has already brought this feature on its Play Music platform but only for web users.

Article Courtesy :Gadgetsnow

Author :Robin Sinhal

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