Global branding phenomena are constantly evolving with innovative technologies to take communication with consumers to newer levels. One such exciting emerging technology that shows a lot of promise is Beacons.

What is a Beacon?

A Beacon is a small piece of hardware that can be attached to a wall, behind a curtain, under the dashboard of a car or a countertop. It can be used by a retail store, event organiser, automobile dealer or educational institute to send highly contextual, hyper-local, meaningful messages and advertisements on their smartphones. A consumer can also use a Beacon as part of his home automation system.

It is a low-cost, low-energy, battery-friendly technology that works on a Bluetooth connection to transmit messages.

Beacons need apps to work

The Beacon technology allows smartphones to detect a user's location within a building or a certain range. Beacons need apps to recognise their unique identifiers and facilitate their associated interactions. This feature enables the Beacon app to push the required content to the user and deliver mobile experiences at the right time and the right place.

Building an OS for the physical world

Our technology stack is making phones smarter, making locations more interactive, even giving ordinary objects a way to communicate information with smartphones or other devices. We have given smartphones new senses to “see” more of the world around them and know more about their context, opening up an endless set of possibilities for richer, more personalised experiences.

The ICI Advantage

After thorough research of the Beacon hardware and years of experience in developing mobile apps, ICI developers have gained the expertise in creating Beacon apps with outstanding features, user-friendliness and user-interactivity.

We have the capability to develop Beacon-enabled apps and prototypes for Android and IOS devices for different domains such as:

Retail Store

An extremely useful piece of information generated by a Beacon app for a retail store is, to sum up the number of times a customer approaches a particular product. It can also track down the products which are less desired. This functionality, along with numerous others can help the sales curve make a dramatic shift.

Museums and Galleries

The Beacon apps here are used to provide contextual information about the artefact a visitor approaches.


The app here can detect, for instance, the next bus to depart, from which gate, etc., or it can incorporate offers about the nearby stores for the traveller to grab something from in a jiffy.


Music and sporting events can use Beacons apps to communicate information or promote sales.

Home Automation

Beacon apps can be used to turn the lights on or off if someone enters or leaves a room. Functionalities to efficiently manage home automation are illimitable.

How exactly does it work?


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